Welcome To

The Mission

Tech industry leaders flock to the Mission for its diverse array of retail and culinary pleasures.


Welcome to The Mission

A cultural hub for tech mavens and longtime locals.

The Mission is exciting, energetic and chaotic — full of forward-thinking, creative individuals with a vested interest in their community, be they natives or recent arrivals to the area.

Described as one of the nation’s “coolest” and “hippest” neighborhoods, tech industry leaders flock to the Mission for its diverse array of retail and culinary pleasures.

The Neighbors

Ambitious, stylish, and energetic.

During the past two decades a new group — young, dynamic, often working in the tech industry and settling in one of Mission Dolores’ plentiful new condominium and apartment complexes — has put down its stake in the district. They join the Mission’s creative class — artists, musicians, and literary types — to create a neighborhood where hole-in-the-wall restaurants are as much in demand as sleek gastropubs.

What to Expect

A vibrant populace on Valencia Street and side streets lined with Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

In the Mission you can expect lively crowds, arguments over which taqueria makes the best burritos, and brand new restaurants opening every week. Experience how historically awesome Mission Dolores Park is, and the tranquility of streets like Linda and Albion.

The Lifestyle

World-class cultural outlets within a warm, committed community.

San Franciscans flock to the Mission for dinner, for drinks, to see music, visit a gallery, or perhaps just to lie in the sun with the crowds at Dolores Park. But this is not just a place to congregate at night; Mission Dolores is well known for the quiet, narrow lanes connecting its larger streets, tree-lined blocks where neighbors sit on their front steps, sharing the day’s news and soaking in gorgeous views of the downtown skyline.

Unexpected Appeal

Seemingly endless dining and shopping options.

The Mission’s sheer volume of dining and shopping options may be overwhelming, but its locals welcome that happy dilemma. Residents delight in the knowledge that they can eat out at a different restaurant every night of the week for a month and never have to repeat.

The Market

A booming interest in the neighborhood met by a plethora of brand-new residences.

Beginning in the 1990s, Mission Dolores’ inexpensive real estate was irresistible to tech workers, young families, and newcomers to the city. Today, Mission Dolores is positioned slightly above the regional norm, with a median home value of just under $1.3 million.

You'll Fall in Love With

Existing at the city’s cultural epicenter.

Almost everyone you meet on the street in the Mission is madly in love with their neighborhood’s dynamic cultural experiences. If you’re like them, you’ll find it easy to find things to love, starting with the unshakable knowledge that nowhere else will have the energy and the style of your newly chosen home.

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