Nate G.

I wish I could rate for 10 stars - 5 isn't enough. Faye has been my real estate agent, broker and main point of contact for 9 years. She's been my buyer broker, selling broker and has fielded about a million questions in between. She's amazing and truly cares. Buyer agent: You couldn't ask for a better person on your side. She and I put in probably 20 offers in 2004 and she was with me literally every step of the way, teaching me, counseling me, advising me and telling me straight. I was a first-time buyer in the most annoying sense of the word, and she made it fun and not scary. When there was an issue, Faye came with solutions. If I had one piece of advice for myself reading this years later it would be "listen to Faye more - and trust her gut more. Listen more - not less. If you disagree with her after she tunes into your needs - really look at why." Years between: Hey, things come up while you own a house or rent it out in SF. Faye always was always a quick phone call away and was more than willing to share her insight and her network. Seller agent: I just sold my place and selling a house is hard on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. When I first started thinking about selling, I called Faye and she came up with a zero-BS plan with target pricing, a plan for the sale and how she wanted to run it. I signed up for that plan. The highest compliment I can pay her is - The sale happened according to the plan that she laid out - pretty much exactly. What I did was let her call the plays she needed to call to make it happen and trusted her. She did everything else! When issues came up, she dealt with them head on. She brought the buyer and seller together and made everybody feel comfortable. She listed and sold the house in less than two months (from start to finish) and communicated the entire way. 10 stars - bravo! If you are looking for an agent on the buyer or seller side - stop looking and talk to Faye.

Emi W.

My husband and I had been looking to purchase exclusively in lower pac heights for 2+ years but never submitted an offer until we found our DREAM HOME and Faye got us the house, we wanted on the FIRST TRY in a very competitive situation! She is extremely knowledgeable, savvy, and has built great relationships with agents around San Francisco (my husband and I had visited many open houses and literally every agent knew Faye each time we dropped her name!) which was very helpful when it came to submitting our offer and getting the deal done. Faye set the right expectations with us from the start, scoped out each property we flagged to her (as we were passively looking) and gave us all the information we needed from the property, neighborhood, sellers, neighbors and more. Faye also has a whole support team ranging from loan agents, contractors, cleaners, etc. and really made the entire purchase experience smooth - we'd highly recommend Faye for anyone looking to purchase in SF. Fast forward 6 months later, we decided to sell a condo in South Beach and trusted Faye as our seller's agent. Faye once again did wonders and got us multiple strong offers over asking price within 10 days - we couldn't be happier with how she handled the entire selling experience from fixing the condo, staging, marketing, and advising us how to select the buyer. Thank you, Faye, for taking care of us multiple times and we could not be happier with both experiences in buying and selling with Faye.

Ophelia W.

We worked with Faye as first-time homebuyers convinced from the outset that we could not afford to buy in San Francisco. Faye was just the right person - and personality - to usher us through the home-buying process. She picked up two anxiety-ridden renters and carried us all the way through to that surreal day when you become a Homeowner. She is boldly confident there is a property for every buyer and some combination of looking, waiting and knowing when to pounce will get you what you want. Her no-nonsense attitude immediately earned our trust. She was great about helping us to evaluate properties, never sugar-coating the situation or pushing us into anything we weren't comfortable with. She challenged us to be bold and to take informed risks that might give us a competitive edge. When we finally found The One, no one knew it more confidently than Faye. She sized up the situation - us as the client, the property, the neighborhood, the seller and even the neighbors - and told us flat out 'this is what you've been looking for'. Not only that, but it was Faye's raw negotiating skill and years of experience that got us in the door when we were not the highest offer. Whenever we outgrow our starter home and move on, Faye will be the first person we call to help us sell. THANK YOU, FAYE!

Alexis P.

Faye is fantastic! We recently used her to sell a condo in San Francisco and purchase a home in the Oakland Hills - she was amazing through the entire process. We'd been burned by a tenant in the condo - imagine worst case eviction process possible and wanted out of the landlord business. The condo needed rehab and we didn't know where to start - we gave Faye our budget and she managed the entire process and was even able to roll in staging for the entire place - easily tripling our return on the remodel. It looked great & it literally flew off the market. Since we'd had such a great experience with the selling process, we asked Faye if she would represent us on the buying side in the Oakland Hills - she was very up front that wasn't her market but we were able to persuade her we knew what we wanted to just needed her industry know-how to close the deal. She stepped up for us and we purchased our forever home. She is much more than just an agent looking for a commission she will shoot you straight and tell you how it is, even if it isn't in her best interest - she wants to do right by her clients. She goes above and beyond and delivers on her commitments - it's not a bunch of smoke and mirrors - she does what she says she’s going to do. I would highly recommend Faye to anyone buying or selling a place in the City! I wish more agents were like her!

Helen Y.

San Francisco is a very competitive market. We were first time home buyers and felt really intimated by the absolutely insane real estate prices here. When talking to prospective agents, we found many were inclined to press a hard sell, and generally pushy. Faye, on the other hand, is extremely laid back. She wants her customers to be informed and to feel comfortable with the process. She was happy to talk about the market, answer our questions and didn't push us with a timeline. She helped us tailor our search to places that could fit our budget/goals. Moreover, once we found properties worth doing a deep dive on, she helped us to assess where we stood in comparison to other potential bidders, along with understanding all the details in the disclosures. Faye also handled all of the negotiation details, which I highly recommend since buying a house can be a very emotional process. She even helped us find a great mortgage lender, and helped ensure that our closing process was extremely efficient. Bottom line: Faye has her clients' best interests as her priority. We've been recommending her to everyone we know who's looking to buy in SF.

Patricia C.

Faye worked with us on a number of occasions over a 3-year period. The first time around, pre-baby, we looked at TICs and Condos before deciding we weren't quite ready to buy. This time around, we went on a single-family home search. After about three months of open houses and tours we found a place we loved but felt was too expensive for the market. Faye agreed, and we held out, and were lucky enough to have the next best offer. Throughout the search, Faye was always forthcoming with her true opinion on a place -- as it related to our needs -- which was something we always appreciated. As a mother herself she also completely got the challenges of house-hunting with a small child. And my daughter really liked her too because little people are tuned into that stuff. In spite of the fact that nothing went according to plan even after we went into contract, Faye was tenacious, patient, and had a great sense of humor about everything. If you are looking for a fun agent who's really got your back, talk to Faye. She helped us find our ideal home in the city.

Stephanie P.

Faye is amazing! She's an excellent agent, and I've now worked with her twice in the past 5 years, most recently this spring/summer. She has a fantastic understanding of the San Francisco market, and always listens to her clients' needs. I've been in my first home for 5 years now - it was the second place she ever showed me, so if that doesn't speak to her ability to understand what her clients want, I don't know what else to say. Most recently she helped me with a very tricky purchase of a vacation rental condo in SF. I hit major road blocks during both purchases I've worked with her on, and she was patient, effective at creative problem-solving, and kept her cool (and helped me keep mine) through everything. Most importantly, she's grown to be a trustworthy friend who has helped me make some major life decisions around real estate investments. I would recommend Faye to EVERYONE looking to buy or sell real estate in SF, she's the best!

Rau W.

Faye is more than just a real estate agent. She cares about her clients and is interested in what is good for you. We worked with Faye on and off for a couple of years, and she was our crucial guide through first-time home buying in SF. Faye was patient and taught us a lot. My husband and I were able to tour homes on our own and know what to look for. She took time to get to know us and what we were looking for. She gave us sound advice and was never ever pushy. She gave us a lot of space to make our own decisions. We put in several bids with Faye's help, and she was great about encouraging us to not give up. We learned so much. Faye is very knowledgable and helped navigate us through a very competitive sale situation. We can't wait to fix up our new house and move in. When we do, we'll definitely be having Faye over, because she's more than just our agent, she's become someone we consider a friend. Thanks Faye!

Valerie M.

How many real estate agents know you better than you know yourself? I needed to move elderly parents up to San Francisco as a result of continual medical issues in the middle of a booming, overpriced market. Was very much resigned to a severe downsizing and having them live with me in my tiny 890 sq ft condo. But that was before I talked to Faye Dibachi. She loaded us into her car the first week my parents arrived in town, showed us the perfect place, had us in contract before the place had its first open house (no bidding and counter bidding), worked with the real estate broker who was selling my parent's house to align financing and found us a contractor who could do the needed alterations at a reasonable price. All done within a month despite the San Francisco hot, overpriced market. So, when you want to accomplish the impossible, get yourself a Dibachi genie.

Lauren L.

My husband and I were thrilled with Faye's help finding and closing on our condo! In the competitive and intimidating SF market, she really knows what she's doing. Because we were making a cross-country move and had little idea which neighborhood we wanted to live in, she showed us a large range of places in many different neighborhoods that she thought we might like. She knows the area so well and it felt like she could identify the best area for you within the span of a single conversation. She was so accessible and transparent with us every step of the way. She was 100% about the right fit for us, and fought hard when negotiations started. We were able to get the place we wanted well under the listing price. I don't know that we would have gotten the same place had we worked with a different realtor. We can't say enough good things about Faye and our experience working with her!

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